Mark Eves for ME

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“We’ve got to start listening to people across our state…about the things that frustrate them and hold them back. Because it’s real.”

I got my start working with families in trouble, going home-to-home every day. When you do that kind of work, you never know what you’ll find. A parent just barely holding on. A kid out of control. Or something a whole lot worse. It’s not easy, but you don’t just give up on people when they’re struggling. Because if you keep at it, day after day, you begin to get a handle on what’s holding them back. And that’s when you can do something about it.
Mark Eves and family walking together on road near their home.
It’s a lesson I took with me as Speaker of the House, and I think it’s more important today than it’s ever been. We need a jobs plan tailored to every corner of the state, because what works in Kittery may be different from Minot or Madawaska, but everyone deserves a shot at a good-paying job. We need to create real opportunities for our kids so they don’t have to leave the state to find their future. And our commitment to Mainers can’t end just because their careers have–we need to take care of our seniors, and help them secure the retirement they’ve earned through a lifetime of hard work.
Mark Eves and his daughter in farmyard with piglets.
Nothing about this is easy. But I think it starts with listening to people again…about the things that frustrate them and hold them back. Because it’s real. If we honor what they’re going through, really take the time to understand it, and stick with it, there’s so much we can do to lift the pressures that families are living under every single day.

“That’s what I believe. It’s why I’m running for governor. And I hope you’ll join me.”